Did you ever hear the tale of the prince and the princess who searched the ends of the world looking for their better half? Parched, famished and wasting away they spotted each other in the distance and immediately knew they could call off the search: they had found “the one”. Soon they got married. The princess kept her high-powered job (and her last name) and the prince never threw clothes on the floor (and always washed the dishes) and they lived happily ever after.

Yeah, this is not that kind of tale.

Bitter Ex, the delicious brainchild of exes in love/partners in business, Ryan Rezvani and Stephanie Andrews, boasts handcrafted bitters right here in the heart of Chicago. With the finest roots, herbs, spices and fruits, we concoct creations designed to enhance your next cocktail, meal or dessert (or even tame a grumbly tummy). While we can’t all live happily ever after, we do think the world is a much happier place with well-crafted bitters.


Marrying exotic as well as classic ingredients, Bitter Ex bitters are handcrafted in small, limited batches. Used in cocktails, baked goods, or as a digestive aid, these tincture and extract-based botanical infusions will breathe new life into your culinary and libation concoctions. 


What the hell is a mixologist anyway? Ryan and Stephanie took time away from their couples counseling to create these incredible cocktail and food recipes for you to try so you can tell your mixologist friend that you pretty much have the same accreditation that he/she does.