Aromatic Bitters


Gingerbread enhancer. Stomach tamer. Old-Fashion lover. By day I might liven up your desserts and pep up your coffee but by night the glasses come off and I’m your solo bartender for the evening. Slide up to my bar. Here you are always the number-one customer. Tom Waits is playing. It’s going to be a good night. 

Citrus Bitters

"I Will Survive"

Picture this: We are strolling down the streets of Florence. The warm breeze of the River Arno swirls around us. We share a pizza and a glass of vino while taking in the breathtaking sites and sounds of the majestic Duomo. We finally make the trek up to the Piazza Michelangelo and all of beautiful Tuscany surrounds us as streaks of orange, pink and red fill the sky. The sun begins to set. A refreshing cocktail is handed to you. You put it to your lips. It tastes like the freshest most luxurious fruits you could ever find. That’s what being with me is like. 

Spicy Celery Bitters

"New Phone, Who Dis?" 

I’ve ridden on camelback just to get to you. I’ve swum the English Channel. I’ve crawled through the jungles of Africa. 

Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit, but I do love a great Bloody Mary over brunch, I’m kind of health conscious but I have no problem spicing things up a bit when called for. I pair nicely with the exotic cuisine of your choosing (adventurous foodies apply here). I might seem mild-mannered at first but don’t let that deceive you, I’m sure to wow you with a little time.  

Coffee Bitters  

"No Filter"

I’m as sweet as a mocha, as intense as an Americano and as smooth as a latte. There is nothing better than hours of witty banter into the wee hours over whiskey cocktails, and boy do I love whiskey. But don’t worry; you’ll always wake up to a strong-brewed cup o’ Joe with me. I also have an insatiable sweet tooth (and a guilty pleasure for chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies). I love baking. I’m your at-home barista. I’m the life of the party. What more could you want?  

Root Beer Bitters

"Float Yer Boat" 

While some people may think I’m just a kid at heart you may be surprised by my maturity. Sure, I do love the occasional ice cream float or movie date, don’t get me wrong, but I also have a hidden sophistication that I only share with those trusty individuals who take the plunge. I enjoy a refreshing gin cocktail on a hot summer day or give me a sweet vermouth-kissed cocktail and see how much I can warm up your Chicago winter.